Derby by wheel and foot

This isn’t one of my normal contrived blog entrys. I walked into Derby today in order to take a spin on the Big Wheel that the hapless local council has finally managed to get installed in the market place after a number of delays.

Obviously I took my camera and I thought I would share some unusual photos, not just from the wheel itself but also of a few local landmarks you may or may not recognise.

First the views from the wheel; somewhat hampered because (a) the curved glass makes it hard to get off a good shot and (b) it’s Derby, not Sydney. What did you expect? Herds of Wildebeest… etc etc …

The Wheel
The Wheel
Reflections on Quad
Reflections on Quad

Quad cinema and cultural venue

Guild Hall

Derby Cathedral

New bus station

War memorial from above

War Memorial from the rear

War Memorial from the front

One final word – the wheel is in place until the end of October. It’s only £5 and you get a good while on (I got 5 rotations) plus there’s a potted audio commentary if you so choose.

OK – now here’s a mild quiz based on things that caught my eye from terra firma. To see the answers to the questions just hover the mouse over the images…

If you know Derby you probably recognise this stature from the square on the Wardwick behind the library. But who is it?
(Yeah – the plaque tells you if you zoom in)

Thomas Bass MP

This unusual clock sits on an art deco building over a bank. But where?

NatWest on Derwent Street

It’s a tower. No points for that, but on what building?

Derby Library

What is it, where is it and to who does it remember?

It's an Orrery in honour of Joseph Wright in Iron Gate

What public building incorporates this work in stone?

The Guild Hall (doh! I wouldn't have known)

Where can you find this distinctive sculpture?

Sir Peter Hilton Memorial Gardens - behind Quad

Who (easy) is this and where (less easy) can you find the statue?

Bonnie Prince Charlie - Cathedral Green

What and where is this?

The Derby Coat of Arms - Aruba on Becket Street

Number 48, but which street?

Sadler Gate

Count up how many you got right and then go and do something useful. I got some of them wrong and I was there…

2 thoughts on “Derby by wheel and foot

  1. Very interesting, and well done. All these are very familiar to me having pounded a beat in the town (City) Centre or a number of years. More years than I care to remember. It is usually that you pass them by so many times and eventually, don’t notice them. There used to be an article every week in the Derby Evening Telegraph called, “Do you know your Derby?”. This is very similar, but the reproduction of the photographs is better.
    Best regards, Eric

  2. Thanks for your comments Eric. You probably know nooks and crannies many of us never even notice. It constantly amazes me how much I don’t know about my own city. The trick I find is to walk a bit slower, look around and especially look up. There’s a whole world of things waiting to be discovered if you give yourself the time!

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