World Cup – Tuesday 6th July

Ooh – some football just happened!

Look, you probably watched this match yourself. You don’t need to read about it here. There’s quite good coverage of this competition on the BBC website. You might as well take look there…

Results – Tuesday 6th July

  Semi Final Holland 3 – 2 Uruguay
Post Match Review
 Holland won this encounter by three goals to two. They scored one more goal than Uruguay and under the rules of football that means that they progress to the world cup final while Uruguay do not. Had this not been the score it is possible that the consequences for both sides would have been different but nobody can argue that the result speaks for itself.

It was a game in which both sides scored. On a different day there could have been more goals – or less – but fate decided tonight result. Holland were most likely playing in Orange with Uruguay probably in Blue. The first half saw both sides trying to score against the opposition and there were doubtlessly some occassions when defending was called for in order to counter the attacking teams intentions.

Things changed around at half time with each team kicking the other way. Neither manager chose to change tactics after the break with both Holland and Uruguay singlularly focussed on scoring and yet not conceding. Towards the end of the game the tension ramped up as Holland held onto their goal lead while Uruguay attempted to equalise in the attempt to force 30 minutes of extra time and then perhaps penalties, but the Dutch held out for the win.

After the match the Dutch players were very happy while the mood in the Uruguay camp was rather low. I would imagine that if asked about the teams appearance in Sundays world cup final the Dutch players would say they are looking forward to it and they believe they can win.

Tomorrow we find out who the opposition will be when Germany take on Spain. Now that’s a match not to miss. No siree – we won’t be missing THAT match. Definitely going to tuning in for that one. Oh yes!

Fixtures – Tuesday 5th July

  Semi Final Germany vs Spain
Gazza’s Daily Football Factoids
 Germany really are the footballing machine they are made out to be. In the last 14 world cup tournaments their record is: Champions 3 times, Runners up 4 times, semi-finals 3 times and Quarter Finals 3 times. Only in 1978 did they suffer the relative ignomony of getting knocked out in the quarter finals – like England this year.
Scientific Siegfried’s Rational Assessment Of Football Results
Scientific Siegfried Welkommen again fussball volk. Mein towel ist already on ze footballing seat. Are you ready for “das big daddy spielen” tomorrow? It ist irrelevent how you feel. Fools. There are facts only in this matter und ze facts are that Germany are “hot to trotting” as you Englanders say.

Ja, Spainland vill feel ze embarassment of failure before the might of my people. On ze night it vill be wiesswurst, nicht chorizo. It vill be Becks nicht San Miguel. It vill be Kraftwerk nicht Julio Igelsias. VW nicht Seat. Hanggen on, zey are die same no?

For you Spainland there ist only the crumbs of Spaincake comfort…

Spanish Cake

Crumbs because I have zis kuchen now eaten gobbelt. Adios!

View from the sofa

Erm – sorry missed it. Was it a good match?

3 thoughts on “World Cup – Tuesday 6th July

  1. It was actually. The first Dutch goal was a screamer, possibly the goal of the tournament so far, one of the Uruguay players bicycle-kicked one of the Dutch players in the face really hard and Forlán bent the path of the Jabulani like few others have been able to, scoring once and nearly scoring on the other occasion.

    But the writing was on the wall when the Dutch got their second thanks to a deflection and a marginal offside decision, then another from a superbly-taken Robben header. Uruguay never gave up, and indeed took one back in the dying moments of the match, leading to a frantic injury time which was extended long beyond the specified three minutes due to some overt lollygagging by the men in orange. Nobody seemed to know exactly when the final whistle had been blown, and when it was over, the Uruguayans were less than pleased and some argy-bargy threatened to break out, but dejection quickly overtook anger as the primary emotion and the moment passed.

    After the frankly pretty poor manner in which Uruguay got to the semis, it seemed fitting that their run ended here. Honestly, I think the Netherlands will have trouble no matter who wins tomorrow, but for now it’s party time in the Pays-Bas.

  2. Sounds like I missed a gripping encounter (typical). You have put my “patchy” account of the match to shame, although you did cheat and actually watch it (at WHAT time in the morning?!).

    I hope we see the best out of the Dutch in the final. It would be great to see them play their best & finally win the competition.

  3. These games – the evening ones for you, and what have been the 11:30am “catch the second half in the cafeteria” ones in CA, are on at 8:30am here in Hawaii, which isn’t too bad.

    I’m pulling for the Teutonic steamroller to flatten the Spaniards’ hopes. Quarter-German-ness aside, they have got here with the least drama and the most impressive performances. And Spain, whilst skillful, are primarily diving cheats who would seemingly cross any sporting line in order to gain an advantage.

    Btw I’m still laughing about “would suit fat child” 😀

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