About Me

Hi I’m Tim. This is my blog.

You already know these things. Other things that you may already know or at least suspect about me include my surname (Whitemore), gender (male) and species (homo sapien). There is probably at least one characteristic here that you and I have in common and maybe it would be nice to discuss our mutual bond at some juncture, or alternatively the curious scenario that we share none of these traits.

What do I do?
I’m not a fan of labels. They make life easier and we all use them but they can never be all-embracing definitions so tend to cause more confusion than they are worth. I could tell you that I’m employed to design, develop & support IT solutions but that would be based on the arrogant presumption that this remains the case. It was true on Friday and I’ll admit that it will be a blow if come Monday that is no longer the case. I have no reason to doubt my continued tenure but experience has taught me to take nothing for granted in life’s improbable cauldron.

There’s also the matter of perspective. I consider one of my primary activities to be that of IT solutions provider, but colleagues may take a different view based on what they observe in the office. To one individual I am a peeping Tom, to others a baker of nibbles and to the casual observer I am employed to frequently rant at my PC and gesticulate at it in impotent rage. My nephew thought I was a footballer when he was younger. I have been referred to as a writer. I like all of these notions and love you all for your opinions but in 50 years time will my legacy may be measured in terms of bits and bytes or in terms of biscuits?

In the unlikely event that you want to know even more about my weekday 8am – 4pm existence you may find my dedicated post on this subject enlightening, although I doubt it.

Everyone should try and be nice to themselves and to other people. That’s not as easy as it sounds. Or maybe it is.

My outlook is humanistic.

I like the stuff I find interesting. In particular cuisine, real ale, walking, travel, science, films, words, music, local cultural things and people. I like honesty in any of these forms and on rare occasions I will settle for charming deceit. I like to poke fun at the many things in our society deserving of satire or derision. I like silliness. I hold a sneaking regard for frippery. I like other things too.

About this blog
Here you will find all sorts of everything, whatever is in my mind at any given time – there is no intentional theme. If there is a common thread it will be my unapologetic besmirchment of the English language and the way in which I use great swathes of it to tell you almost nothing. All comments, feedback and polite abuse will be gratefully received.


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Tim, thanks for your blog on the Grand Pavilion. As Head of Events, I am delighted to say that we have over 40 events on for the coming 2014 programme. These include live bands, markets, theatre, films, festivals, art and heritage exhibitions. The space is also being booked for dance workshops, juggling, art and craft fayres and theatre groups within the local community – keep up to date by following us on Facebook or our website, which is just getting updated with all the events. Kindest regards, Andie Brazewell, Head of Events.

  2. Just read your blog. Thank you. I am researching all matters relating to the Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre. Our charity is due to celebrate 125 years in 2016. A list of events are being planned, one of which would be to try and recreate the children’s journey from Friargate Station to Skegness with hopefully part including Steam. Any information, direction would be gratefully recieved. Keith Loring

  3. Hello Tim. I found your blog while doing research for the Cleveland Way which I plan on hiking, along with the West Highland Way, in the fall of 2017, when I retire (hopefully!) at the young age of 55 from teaching. I’m also planning to do some long-distance walking in Ireland in the summer of 2016. I loved your blog, and found it very useful, inspiring, and a great read. I’m writing tonight because I’ve just enjoyed a rather wonderful blog, with gorgeous photos, of a three day hike in Haleakala park on Maui, Hawaii. I am on Maui right now with my husband and teenaged son, and we were on beautiful Haleakla (summit 10,023 feet) two days ago. We descended partway into the stunning and otherworldly crater on the Sliding Sands trail, but our hike was limited by time. I decided then and there that I will return another day to hike down into the crater and explore it fully on a multi-day trip. Which led to me to tonight’s Internet exploration and finding of the blog at unrealhawaii.com (Backpacking Halaekla). I don’t know how likely it is that you would ever visit Maui, but nevertheless I thought that you would still enjoy and appreciate reading the blog and viewing the photos in an armchair-traveller sort of way. It’s very much worth a look! Thanks again for the great descriptions of your Cleveland Way and Norfolk Coast hikes (sorry about the knee!). Any plans for another long distance hike in the near future?

    1. Thank you Christine for taking the time to write! On a cold March day in England I’m not sure what I’m more jealous of – your stay in Hawaii, early retirement plans or Cleveland Way ambitions. The pictures of Haleakala park look amazing! It’s a shame Hawaii is such a long way from the UK. Good luck in all of your plans and I’ll keep an eye on the website :=-)

  4. Doing the Cleveland Way with my son and a friend on the 24th May and thoroughly enjoyed reading your Blog.Did the walk 35 years ago with full camping gear and what with poor weather was not a happy experience.This time we are based in Whitby and getting lifts, Esk Valley railway and Arriva buses to get us back and forth each day.Your blog reminded me of how beautiful the area is and really looking forward this time with a lighter load on our backs.Brilliant write up.
    Martin from Ashby de la Zouch

    1. Thank you Martin! Your walk 35 years ago fully loaded in bad weather must have been quite an ordeal, although I’m sure you have some stories to tell. Good luck with your walk – having a single base sounds like a great idea. I would love to know how you get on.

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