Heavenly Praise

This isn’t a blog as such, but a cut and paste of the lovely email I received from Wilson & Dottie today. Just had to share it with you…

Hi Tim,
Sorry this is late,but we couldn’t track down your address and this is what the church finally gave me.

Both Wilson and I really appreciated your duet with Rebecca,Your voices blended so perfectly and your words were both challenging and meaningful.Once again we applaud you for sharing your talent in an effort to make our worship experience more meaningful.(it really does)

May GOD bless you richly as you continue to honor HIM….In HIM ….Wilson & Dottie Riedy

I’m not one to blow my own trumpet but it’s great to be truly appreciated, especially by people you have never met for something you have never done. If I get any more of these charming but errant epistles I’ll be sure to “spread the good word” with you.