Explorer Belt Day 10 – Livron to Crest

Photo 1 - Livron Park
In 1984 as a 15 year old Venture Scout I embarked on a 10 day Explorer Belt hike around the alpine region of South France. In this series of blog posts I revisit my diaries and retrace those footsteps…
My diary entry

Wednesday 22nd August 1984

Got up at 7am. Quickly packed stuff because bloke was mowing park. Got refund on bottles, bought and scoffed crisps and walked 6km to Allex. Rested there writing notes and drawing maps. Walked 10km to Crest.

Got information from police station and syndicat d’initiative. Camped, ate and met British family on holiday. Went for a 5km walk around Crest, met up with one of the Brits and his French friends and chatted at a bar. He is an ex-scout. I met the boules champion of France and then we moved onto another bar. Back at midnight.

On this day:
Another quiet news day. Here are some of the notable events of 1984…

  • Torvill & Dean win ice skating gold at the Winter Olympics
  • The Dr Who baton passes from Peter Davison to Colin Baker
  • TV debuts for Thomas the Tank Engine, The Bill and Crimewatch

Looking Back

In the morning I opened the tent door to find that a man on a large sit-on mower had covered the entire park in an ever decreasing circle almost up to our tent! I’m sure he would have stopped before mowing us down but to be sure we unpitched and moved aside so that he could complete his work. Lessons learned from camping in a public park…

Photo 1 - Livron Park
Photo 1 – Livron Park
I’m particularly pleased to have tracked down a relevant street view image, Clearly there wasn’t going to be a like for like image from the park but using satellite view I was able to look for a large building next to a grassy expanse and that’s how I located the building in the background of my selfie.
Modern re-creation in street view

This was our final day of walking. Lord knows how many packets of crisps I got through – they were superior to those at home.

It seems odd to walk into the police station at Crest and ask for information for our project but that’s what we did. People were just so accepting and helpful. We would have been urgently attempting to get the project work completed.

Crest is a reasonable sized town and the hilltop castle can be seen from miles around. The tower you can actually see is just the castle keep as the surrounding castle walls and buildings were destroyed on the orders of Louis XIII. Ownership passed into the hands of the town 4 years after our visit and the tower is now open to tourists.

Photo 2 - Tour de Crest
Photo 2 – Tour de Crest
This is what the same view looks like today
Modern re-creation in street view

As far as I can remember we didn’t touch a beer until this final night in Crest. I probably set out to explore on my own and just got chatting. When I was introduced to the French boules champion I was naturally sceptical but days later I saw a poster in Grenoble of a man holding boules that looked the guy so I guess it was true.

In retrospect this was the pinnacle of independence for me – a 15 year old in a bar in south France chatting to French people late into the evening. All because I went to explore the town. There’s much that has changed about me in the last 30 years but the seeds of exploration, the need to be curious, turn one more corner and ask one more question were evident way back then. The proper word is “nosy”.

In the absence of our original maps I have deduced the following route…

Distance walked: 10.6 miles (17.0 km)

Start Livron-sur-Drôme
Via Allex
End Crest
Photo 1 Street view of Photo 1 – Livron Park
Photo 2 Street view of Photo 2 – Tour de Crest

Explorer Belt Day 9 – La Coucourde to Livron

Photo 1 - Hydroelectric Station
In 1984 as a 15 year old Venture Scout I embarked on a 10 day Explorer Belt hike around the alpine region of South France. In this series of blog posts I revisit my diaries and retrace those footsteps…
My diary entry

Tuesday 21st August 1984

Got up at 7am as usual. Had ryvita and jam. Cat was the usual menace. Got stuff packed and asked family questions on school. Made notes. Left and we soon reached the hydro-electric station on river Rhone. After photos we walked about 10km to Le Pouzin. Bought yoghurt, bread and coke at shop. Drew maps etc.

Walked onto Loriol and Livron where we got police notes. Camped in a park. Mash peas and ravioli for food plus lemonade. Did yet more maps and stuck postcards onto paper. Got to bed at 10:30.

On this day:
In fact I can’t find reference to anything significant that happened on this exact day, but here are a couple of notable events from August 1984…

  • President Ronald Reagan, during a voice check for a radio broadcast remarks, “My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes”.
  • The Discovery space shuttle launches for the first time

If you didn’t grow up with Ronald Reagan it’s hard to appreciate just how valuable he was to satirists of the time.

Looking back…

How, I wonder, would the diary of our generous host read?

Took sympathy on two pale English boys. They looked malnourished and limped due to blisters. Provided first aid and fruit, which they wolfed down like savages. In the morning they asked about our local schools. Strange creatures these English

The 8 mile walk to the HEP station ran alongside the river through a forested area. The route was deserted and a mangy looking dog trailed behind us for miles raising concern because it was clearly not right and there were signs warning of rabies. I picked up a stick in case it got too close but it stopped trailing us near to La Coucourde.

I captured a picture of the hydro-electric station at Saulce-sur-Rhone…

Photo 1 - Hydroelectric Station
Photo 1 – Hydroelectric Station
…another easy image to trace in the present day…
Modern re-creation in street view

The walking today was easy as we followed the flat banks of the Rhone. The power station sticks in my mind and is one of a number of distinctive buildings I photographed on our journey that has been relatively simple to trace on latter day google street view.

Photo 2 - The Rhone
Photo 2 – The Rhone

My attempts to photograph rivers are almost always a waste of time. I was probably attempting to capture the sun falling in the west over the far bank of the river.

At the outset of our walk the notion of pitching our tent in a park would have seemed adventurous. It’s a measure of our increasing confidence that we did so. Did we gain permission? It was a public space after all. Andy was more laid back than I was and may have persuaded me that it would be OK!

In the absence of our original maps I have deduced the following route…

Distance walked: 14.4 miles (23.0 km)

Start La Coucourde
Via Le Pouzin
Via Loriol-sur-Drôme
End Livron-sur-Drôme
Photo 1 Street view of Photo 1 – Hydroelectric Station
Overnight Camping location