To Infinity And Beyond

If you breathe then you eat. If you eat then you almost certainly cook. If you cook – even very occasionally – then it really is worth investing in a good set of pans. This week that’s precisely what I did.

I am now the slightly smug owner of what I consider to be a rather exciting set of Meyer Circulon Infinite pans. That these come with a lifetime guarantee is presumably is a reflection on the expected longevity of the pans – that or Meyer will be sending a hit-man around to my house if the handles start to come loose.

They are objects of beauty and yet robust with no obvious points of weakness. The cooking surfaces do not have some scratch prone non-stick coating but are comprised of anodised metal which is inherently non-stick and durable meaning that virtually no oil / butter / lard is required for cooking. After a few days of joyful use I can vouch for this and what’s more my little heralded mantle of Patron Saint of Pancakes has been restored. I was previously forced to hand back my PSoP certificate when my last frying pan lost its non-stick surface and pancakes became scrambled egg, but all that is behind me now. I made pancakes at the weekend and they cooked evenly and righteously before sliding oh-so-nonchalantly out of the pan without the need for any utensil based persuasion.

Infinite Pan - well 3.8 litre actually
Infinite Pan – well 3.8 litre actually

Washing up is also a breeze. These pans can be put through the dishwasher although I would rather do them by hand, and they clean so easily. Even the evil gloopyness of cold porridge cannot cling onto the pan surface in the face of a mild encounter with the washing up brush. For complete versatility consider also that the pans can be used in a 240 degree oven plus they apparently work on an induction hob. How exciting is all of this?!

It has to be said that some others have not quite shared my level of excitement, preferring instead to focus on more trivial issues. It has been suggested that “Infinity” is something of a lame name for a range of cookware. Not a sentiment I necessarily agree with but I admit it does put the manufacturers in a bit of a corner when they decide to market the successor range. Anyone for the “Infinity Plus” pan set? What do you call a range of cookware? I would call it “Pantastic” but that’s why I don’t work in marketing. Or how about “Panriffic” – a phrase I have a sentimental attachment to.

Le Anglais Frying Pan
Le Anglais Frying Pan

So is there anything I’m less than 100% satisfied with? Well now you mention it, when did the humble Frying Pan become a “French Skillet”? If you buy this in France is it marketed as Le Anglais Frying Pan? In the same range you can also buy the paradoxically entitled “Chefs Pan”. The marketing people had clearly gone home at this point leaving the (now unemployed) work experience student 10 minutes to conjure up a name for the press release.

Well I don’t know about you but all this talk has stirred up an appetite. I think I deserve a takeaway…